Artificial stone in the interior

Artificial stone in the interior is beautiful and stylish. Using a stone in the decoration of a house, a person seems to be in the wild. This is especially true in cities where there are high-rise buildings around, and only a park from nature. Artificial stone looks no different from natural stone, but it costs less. You can also glue it to the walls with your own hands.The materials are Artificial stone, it can be purchased in many construction stores.- Tile glue.- Primer with deep penetration into the surface.- Paint brush.- Varnish for stone.Tools for working with artificial stone- A spatula.- Level.- Glue container.- Bulgarian.- Construction mixer.- Roulette and marker.Installation technology- First of all, the walls are cleaned of the old coating, it can be wallpaper or plaster. It is necessary to do this so that the stone does not fall off the walls later.- Then the primer is applied to the walls and to the inner surface of the stone.- Glue is diluted in the container and mixed with a construction mixer.- After that, the glue is applied to the surface of the artificial stone, and the first row is laid out.- After the first row is ready, you need to check its level. It should not have a slope, otherwise in the end the coating will be skewed, which will give the interior an unaesthetic look.- If the tile needs to be cut, then measure out the desired piece with a tape measure, draw a line with a marker and cut off with a grinder.- If there are radiators on the wall where the stone is glued, then they can be sealed with plastic grilles or stainless steel sheet material, which will not spoil the appearance, and the structure of the grate or sheet perfectly transmits heat.It is important to know that the joint between the stone is interrupted by a whole tile. This gives the surface naturalness. So you need to do it to the end row by row. After the job is done, the surface can be varnished. It will add shine. It will give the impression that the stone is playing in the sunlight, as if it is somewhere far away in a canyon in the wild. The only disadvantage is that the varnish takes a long time to fade. Perhaps the smell will stay indoors for about a week, but the result is worth it. You can also experiment with pigments for stone. Taking different shades of beige and brown, you can paint the stone with a brush in places. Externally, it will look original and will not spoil the naturalness of the stone canvas.This simple technology will make the interior individual and will delight the owner and his guests. It will also give you the opportunity to feel like a master and designer of your own interior. And, of course, it will save money on calling workers. Recomendamos se registrar no jogo oficial de cassino online para jogo de jogo de Avião justo por dinheiro real. Ao se inscrever no jogo Aviator Spribe, você pode reabastecer instantaneamente sua conta, multiplicar seu saldo no Pin Up Online Casino e retirar facilmente seus ganhos. A inscrição no site oficial Pin Up garante sua segurança financeira e jogos justos. Desejamos -lhe sorte, probabilidades favoráveis e um jogo de sucesso!